You know the air bubbles that you get when you put on a screen protector?

And like, usually it’s perfect except for one or two nasty little bubbles stuck for all eternity in the middle?

And it’s those one or two little bubbles that almost makes you want to remove the whole screen protector, throw it away, and call it a day.

Remove the word almost.
That’s literally what I have done and why I have sworn against screen protectors my whole life.
Because of one or two nasty little bubbles.

Anyways, I did a fun thing where I allowed me and one little bubble boy to just exist.
And instead of making him (we are going to call it a him for the sake of the story, okay?) my absolute Satan incarnate and it will destroy me until the day that I die, we-

(yes we decided together)

we decided that we would make it a life journey to get him to the edge of the screen. To reach the edge of the surface..

and just be free.

And I am honored to be able to nudge him along to freedom while still appreciating every single step of the journey.

Anyways that’s what I’ve been thinking about on a random summer afternoon while trying to put a screen protector on