A short collection of poems written at 4 am last night

A short collection of poems written at 4 am last night

praise the lows

not because they are low
and not because we come to appreciate the highs
but because they are

praise the lows because they simply are
and then, as if by Grace, their power ceases to have any hold on you

praise the lows (but also feel them)
and suddenly,
the world becomes yours.

I want to see life through your eyes

I mean, nothing wrong with the way I see life. I think the way I see it is pretty cool.

But, seeing life in a different way gives life more life. (Wow lots of life!) And I think that is my most recent interpretation of the meaning of all of this.

Can I spend the rest of life trying to see it how you see it?

It would be an honor.

(life stopped looking like a word to me I’m sorry if it happened to you)

Die for the bit

You down to die for the bit?
I mean, if there’s a chance for a great story?
Hell yeah.

But my God, it would be crazy if Jesus died for the bit.

Who would be so crazy to claim they were the Son of God, said they forgave EVERYONE, and then was willing to die in order to save all of us?

Think about it. You hurt me, and some random dude walks up to you and says, “I forgive you.” BRO THAT DUDE MUST BE ON ONE.

Or, He is who He says He is.

And if Jesus is an actor and this world is His stage, then bravo.

But man. I would not do all of that just for a bit.