I am sorry for my absence. I go through phases where I have difficulty following through with anything. I am too anxious to start things, and when I do, I get too anxious to finish. I won’t explain that now. The important part is that I am just getting over it. It’s not to say I haven’t been writing! To prove it to you, I made a collection of thoughts that have been sitting in my notes. Here are some of my unfinished poems.


Running through the streets of Bellagio to catch the train to Milan

My life is a life of defiance
My personhood is one of revolution.

Today you are a God
Tomorrow you are not
(an ode to bpd)

I’m entranced by your smile
Please stay a while

It’s either drugs or it’s poetry
And there’s no in between

I believe in the divine

And our best friend took us to cafe du monde
Not the one in French Quarter but the one in the mall

Yeah I’m unhinged
scrolling past people who don’t really exist

True love is setting boundaries and being free within them


Let me know if there is any you want me to expound on.

unfinished poems