For as long as I can remember, I have always taken note of the problems of this world and could never stop thinking about them. I always thought the entertainment industry was top-heavy and discouraged people from pursuing music or acting. Our education system needs to improve drastically, or else we continue to send everyone into the rat race, and people start to settle. Not that capitalism is necessarily a bad thing, but this heavy emphasis on money has detracted from what is most important -- community and relationship. It always made sense that we needed to improve dialogue and communication if we wanted politics to improve. We can only end cycles of trauma if we provide resources to counteract anything that can cause trauma. This includes improving neighborhood quality, making therapy accessible, good sex education, more accountability for abusers, parenting classes, making psychology a required class growing up, etc.

As the glaring problems started to mount, it became clear to me that changes needed to happen drastically, as well as slowly.

The question became: how? I do not see myself as a politician, so I do not believe I can directly change within the political realm. I do not think I am remotely qualified enough to be the scientist that miraculously solves our energy problem. Nor am I an economist that will walk into the Federal Reserve and make sweeping changes across the board. Checks and balances in this world seemingly prevent us from making any sweeping change from within.  Finally, I do not consider myself a Che Guevara, George Washington type, nor do I think I am called to any violent revolution. I will not walk into the Philippines, my family's homeland, and aggressively demand change.

Ah, but revolution. I like that word. To tear down the temple, and in three days, raise it up again. I think Jesus said that. I believe Jesus also did it non-violently. If I am going to start a revolution, it will have to be a peaceful, creative, and subversive revolution.

I think a gift economy needs to supersede our current currency economy. We can only do this if people are willing not to do things for money in the first place. If we focus on working to better our world, not so we can maximize profit; then we will be happier as a whole. If we give and do not expect anything in return, it might inspire people to give more. People can pursue passions and spend time with friends and family.

We need to learn to listen and not judge. That way, people can feel safe in all circumstances, as we learn to treat each other with love and kindness—the oppressed need to speak louder than the oppressor. If we have a voice, we are lucky. Let us stop and listen.

With that, we need to slow down. Life is not about overworking and instant gratification; it is in the actual living of life and intentionality. It is planting seeds we will not see come to fruition. It is creating community so that everyone can belong, even those who have been told their whole lives they don't. Life really is precious, and we are meant to live each moment to the fullest.

We need to be vulnerable. And we need to love the vulnerable parts of people. This allows for whole and honest relationships.

If what I do does not abide by these, call me out and help me lead a better life. In doing so, I hope we can change the world drastically and slowly. I am going to start offering my services freely. I am going to listen more. I am going to slow down and love the people around me and strive to create community, so that love may flourish. Love can only love. I want to be vulnerable so that others are encouraged to be vulnerable as well.

That is my philosophy. May my life be in line with that.

My philosophy.