All the financial literacy books you told me to read advised me to never get into any debt
But the C.S. Lewis book you gave me said if I wasn’t in any debt, if I am not uncomfortable, then I am not doing enough

You tell me all about the stories of saints and the radical lives they live
But tell me to make sound decisions that will leave me comfortable and well-off

We must give everything to God
But only a tithe

You tell me God forgives
But then you condemn me

You tell me to be like Jesus
But not like Jesus

You judge me for not going to mass
But you go to mass even though the night before you threw a beer can at me

Jesus was friends with the least of us
But you tell me to keep my head down and avoid eye contact

You preach chastity
Yet violate boundaries in relationships

“Go and announce the good news of the Lord”
Yet as soon as you step outside those doors, you gossip about the family across the pew

You urge me to not use God’s name in vain (God forbid I say “Oh my God!”)
Yet you wear a cross around your neck while committing injustice

I also have my own share of sin.
I guess we are all poor in spirit.
Gentile or Jew,
can we have that unify us rather than divide us?

Gossip after mass